to Appoint Supervisor and Deputy Supervisor
MARCH 5, 2021 – 2 PM

A special Town Board Meeting was held on March 5, 2021 via zoom due to the ongoing pandemic with the following persons in attendance:

Councilperson Evelyn Clarke
Councilperson Kathie Quick
Councilperson Chris Farrell

                                                           Administrative Recorder:  Holly A. Netter, Town Clerk, RMC

 Councilman Quick made a Motion to Call to order the special meeting to fill the supervisor vacancy at 2:06 pm. The motion was seconded by Councilman Evelyn Clarke.  All members were in favor.

Councilperson Quick recapped the following:

Supervisor Harris resigned as of 12 pm today. Councilperson Geuss tendered his resignation of Councilman as of 1:58 pm and Deputy Supervisor as of 1:59pm. All resignations have been tendered to Town Clerk Holly Netter.

Councilperson Kathie Quick made A motion to appoint Jared Geuss to serve as Supervisor until 12/31/2021.  The motion was seconded by Councilperson Farrell. All members were in favor. motion carried.

Supervisor Geuss said it was an honor to continue to serve and he looked forward to more continued success with this Board.

Supervisor Geuss appointed Shannon Harris as Deputy Supervisor.

**The Supervisor’s position will appear on the ballot in November, as well as the remaining term for the Councilman seat expiring 12/31/2023. The Board will fill the vacant Councilman position at a future Town Board meeting.


a motion was made by Councilman Farrell to adjourn the meeting at 2:08 PM.  the motion was seconded by Councilman Clarke.  all members present were in favor. motion carried.

 Respectively submitted,

Holly A. Netter
Town Clerk, RMC